Photo from the episode "The Red Scare"

The utterly charming, increasingly confident first season of “Timeless” combines its elements in a fresh way we’ve never before seen: A fun adventure-of-the-week procedural structure, the elevation of historically marginalized figures, complex discussions of morality, stunning period-accurate costuming and design, and a contagiously goofy sense of humor.

The action-packed season finale includes all this, plus at least three fantastic — and well-earned — twists that set up a myriad of possibilities for a possible second season. Midway through the episode, series antihero Garcia Flynn (Goran Visnjic) wryly notes that “everyone’s the hero of their own story.”

This could serve as a thesis statement for this morally complex series, where each week both the heroes and the villains they encounter feel entirely justified in their actions — but both sides, of course, can’t both be right. Flynn, for all bodies he’s left strewn throughout history, clearly sees himself as part of a “John Wick” style noble crusade. For most of the series, we assume that Connor’s (Paterson Joseph) relationship with Rittenhouse was made for at least partly altruistic reasons. And then the Time Team themselves, over and over, must wrangle with whose side they’re truly on, moving fluidly from temporary alliances with Garcia to working to kill him, sometimes in the same episode.

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