Ann Foster’s writing on history, pop culture, and feminism has appeared widely online and in print. The following are a selection of some of her recent publications.

Print Publications:

“No Man’s Land: Revisiting the Dream of a Female Utopia” Bitch Magazine issue #92, Fall/Winter 2021

“Criminal Accessories: The Ruthless Style of London’s Forty Elephants Gang” Bitch Magazine issue #84, Fall 2019

“Vice for What: A Sexist History of Guilty Pleasures” Bitch Magazine issue #81, Winter 2019

“Young Adult Writers of Saskatchewan: Blurring Boundaries, Singular Protagonists and the Terrifying Power of the Written Word” in The Literary History of Saskatchewan Volume 3: Advances, Coteau Books, 2018

Brand-New World: Nellie Bly’s Record-Defying TravelsBitch Magazine issue #79, Summer 2018

St. Catherine of Siena: Saint of Starvation” Bitch Magazine issue #77, Winter 2018

“Fairies and Fake News” Bitch Magazine issue #76, Fall 2017

Online Publications:

The Martha Stewarting of Powerful Women: How society disproportionately demonizes women after they’ve bent the same rules that men have always broken (Longreads)

There’s No Place Like Home: Schitt’s Creek, Oz, Narnia, And The Magic Of Finding Yourself In A Far-Off Land (Reel Honey)

What 17th Century Witch Burnings Teach Us About Evangelical Extremism (Bitch)

‘The Favourite,’ ‘Mary Queen of Scots,’ And The Continuing Appeal Of Queens On Film (Reel Honey)

Her Own World: The Unsettling Objections To Teen-Girl Cartoon Reboots (Bitch)

Diseases Of Virgins And Spinsters: The Gynephobic History Of Chlorosis And Hysteria (Lady Science)

White Whine: The Past That Incels Long For Never Existed (Bitch)

The Forgotten History of ‘Anne of Green Gables’ (Shondaland)

What We Forget About Mary Shelley (Shondaland)

Beauty is the Beast in ‘Brotherhood of the Wolf’ (Reel Honey)

The Enduring Legacy of Doomed Blond Girlhood on Film (Reel Honey)

Why “Historical Accuracy” Is a Bad Excuse for Rampant Sexual Assault in Fantasy (The Mary Sue)

Mary Shelley Lives Again (VIDA: Women in Literary Arts)

The Artificial Autonomy and Reproductive Reality of Women in Blade Runner 2049 (Cinemazine)

Happy Death Day: A Perfect, Profound Popcorn Movie (Cinemazine)

The devastating ‘Big Little Lies’ finale finds unexpected beauty in its violence — and justice (Screener TV)