France’s “Sun King” Louis XIV, the protagonist of the new BBC2 show “Versailles” (whose U.S. premiere was Oct. 1 on Ovation) hasn’t always been presented in popular media quite as one might expect, for the mastermind behind the palace of Versailles. Neither a wartime king nor particularly an eventful reign, the subject of Ovation’s latest import is viewed through the lens of aesthetics: Like his life’s project, the titular palace, the fourteenth Louis is first and foremost a curiosity.

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3 thoughts on “Versailles

  1. We watched the series and really enjoyed it. Now Versailles has a “face”. Before it was just a grand palace with exquisite landscaping.

  2. Right? I love how shows like this really turn history into a real thing, filled with actual people rather than just the architecture and portraits left behind.

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